Re-Elect Angela Romero Nov. 4th

Rep. Angela Romero was elected to the Utah State Legislature in 2012. Representing House District 26, Angela has been an advocate for issues that matter to working families in the district. This year, Angela is running for re-election to continue serving Utah’s most diverse district and representing our common values.

web.kidsreadingPublic Education and Opportunity

Public education requires committment. By investing in our schools, our teachers and proven programs for success, we can close the achievement gap and ensure that public education provides greater opportunity for our children.

Clean Air and Transportation

Utah can do more to improve air quality and protect our environment through better regulations, an integrated and efficient public transportation system, and innovative solutions.

Web.ArchLoisAngWorking Families and Economic Security

An economy is only as strong as its working families.  We must focus on issues of income inequality, healthcare, unemployment, affordable housing, and the wage gap to ensure that we all share in Utah’s prosperity.

Equality and Social Justice

We live in one of the most diverse districts in Utah and we must continue working together for greater inclusion and equality for our communities of color and our LGBT families.

You Make the Difference 

Volunteer for Angela

Throughout the election year, my campaign will be talking to neighbors across the district. If you can spare a couple hours, contact Alexis Santoyo, my campaign manager, about walking for Angela.


If you would like to contribute financial support to my re-election campaign, Click HERE to Contribute Online or you can send a check with your contact information to:

Committee to Elect Angela Romero
P.O. Box 25732
Salt Lake City, UT 84125