Representative Angela Romero

Rep. Angela Romero was first elected to the Utah State Legislature in 2012 and was re-elected in 2022. Representing House District 25, Angela advocates for issues that matter to working families in the district. In 2022, Angela will be running for re-election for House District 25, new legislative district number and boundaries, to continue serving Utah’s most diverse district and representing our common values.

Angela Fights for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Angela has taken a serious interest in combating crimes that affect women, children and families. Most notably, she passed House Bill 200, which requires: the testing of all rape kits in Utah; sexual assault survivors be provided with the ability to anonymously track the status of their rape kit; and that law enforcement officers assigned to investigate cases of sexual assault, child sexual abuse and domestic violence receive trauma-informed training. In 2020, Utah became 1 of 8 states to eliminate its rape kit backlog.

Angela Works for Clean Air

Angela knows clean air is a major concern for Utah families. Among many efforts to improve air quality across the Wasatch Front, she secured $100,000 in ongoing funding for the TRAX Monitoring Air Quality project. This project gathers the air quality data necessary to understand the conditions we face and the effect it has on our health. Angela’s leadership on this issue led to her appointment on the Air Quality Policy Board.

Angela Advocates for All of Us

Angela has been a lifelong advocate for our community and a voice for the underrepresented. In her time at the Utah State Legislature, Angela has kept fighting for affordable housing, a living wage, equitable education, and inclusion for all.

You Make the Difference 

Volunteer for Angela

Throughout the election year, the campaign will be talking to neighbors across our district. If you can spare a couple hours, contact [email protected] about walking in your neighborhood.


If you would like to contribute financial support to Angela’s re-election campaign, click HERE to Contribute Online or you can send a check with your contact information to:

Committee to Elect Angela Romero
P.O. Box 25732
Salt Lake City, UT 84125